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We only work with suppliers who do not perform animal testing. Pushing cosmetic raw material suppliers to replace animal testing with available alternatives to support the safety of their ingredients. Camel Glow does not test on animals and do not ask others to do so.

Patch tests are an easy way to help predict if you will have a negative initial reaction to a new product. It is recommended to perform a patch test before incorporating a new product into your routine. 

  • The following are easy steps on how to do your own patch test:
  • Use the inside of your wrist as a starting point. It's thinner than the rest of your body skin. The side of the neck is another good option to check for compatibility.
  • Apply a small amount of the product to one of these areas.
  • Cover the area with a bandage. 
  • If a reaction, such as slight pink appears but subsides within 10-15 minutes, don't worry about it. If after 24 hours, you don't see any reaction, then you're fine with the product.

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Hair Oil FAQ

We suggest continual weekly use to maintain results

Yes, men can not only apply it to their hair but their beards as well

It depends on how often you are using it, just on a weekly basis as a scalp treatment or on a daily basis after styling your hair, but in general it should last you 3 months.

No the oil is lightweight and meant to absorb into the hair and the scalp.

It depends on the hair follicle itself, if the hair follicle is dead, this oil will not work as a scalp treatment for you.

We suggest talking to your Doctor as to what is safe for you to use. However our hair oil is made without chemicals, silicons, or drugs. Our hair oil is also natural and vegan.


Due to the Covid-19 orders outside of North American will experience a delay in shipping. We are taking several precautionary steps to ensure the health and safety of others.

It can typically take 30-40 for products to be back in stock, we will send you a notification once your product is on the way!

We cannot classify a package as missing until its been 60 days since your order has gone out, please let us know if you have not received your order by then, and we will do our best to resolve the issue, however we cannot refund shipping fees.

We ship world wide! Please be aware you may experience duties fees 

We try to get to orders as quickly as we receive them and in most cases fulfill orders within 3-5 days

Depending on the destination shipping times may vary. You can see estimated shipping times on the checkout page by inputting your address before purchasing. 

Please note tracking is only available for Canadian and U.S. customers

International - 6-15 business days (international orders are experiencing delays due to COVID)

Free shipping National 2-8 business days (within North America)

We work as hard as we can to try to meet all delivery estimates, but sometimes there may be delays - e.g. because of postal/carrier delays, logistics, bad weather, or things out of our control. Our team can be reached at

Unfortunately we have no control over duties and customs. Please note we are shipping from Canada. If packages are sent back due to us because fees are not paid, a restocking fee will be charged. 

At this time the only country we cannot provide free shipping to if you buy 2 or more items is countries in the Middle East.