Can you Repair Split Ends? Prevention & Treatment

Your hair is a crown that you can never take off. One can pick up one or two things about your health through your hair. Volume, shine, length, and beauty are something we are all trying to achieve with our hair. However, split ends make it hard to portray healthy, good-looking hair. What might start on one strand could eventually lead to untamable frizz and complete damage to your hair.

Split ends, medically referred to as trichoptilosis, occurs when a strand of hair splits into two or more. Split ends can occur anywhere on the hair strand, but it is more common on the ends. It starts slowly with only one strand, which may not seem like an issue. However, if you ignore it when it occurs on a few strands, you risk having brittle and damaged hair. At this point, it is easy to give up on your hair, but it does not have to reach that point.

There are various causes of split ends; understanding these causes can be the genesis of your journey towards restoring beautiful hair. Some of the reasons include very tight hairstyles, chemical treatments like perming and dyeing, hair products containing alcohol, exposure to the sun, lack of moisture in your hair, poor diet, genetics, hot water showers, brushing your hair too much, and not gently. Knowing these causes can help you incorporate some measures to prevent split ends. Some of these measures can be brushing your hair gently, minimizing heat tools, and reducing any friction to your hair.

The best solution and remedy to split ends is trimming your hair; however, you can take some preventive measures to try and control the damage of split ends and make them less visible. Consider some of these measures.

  • Using a wide-tooth comb. Wet hair is prone to breakage. When washing your hair, it is easy to damage it depending on the comb you use after applying the conditioner. A wide-tooth comb will help you get out the knots from your hair and prevent breakage. Also, as you comb it, you should detangle each section from the shaft as you work your way up to the tips.
  • Moisture is essential to your hair just as much as it is to your skin; letting your hair dry so much increases your chances of having split ends. Ensuring that your hair is moisturized will help reduce damage to your hair and the chances of getting split ends. We suggest using our growth & shine hair oil weekly to keep your hair hydrated. 
  • Hair is very vulnerable during the drying process; using cotton towels to dry out your hair could cause breakage. Therefore, instead of using cotton towels, you can use micro fiber towels and gently squeeze the excess water out of your hair.
  • High temperatures reduce keratin in your hair. Keratin is responsible for the shine, softness, and strength of your hair. Therefore, you should think twice before exposing your hair to a lot of heat from your heating tools. Use them only when necessary when you can avoid them; let your hair air dry instead of running to your blow-dryer. Or try our heatless curling kit  for beautiful, bouncy, frizz-free, smooth, and well-defined curls.
  • You can also visit professionals to perform hair dusting, a process that retains the length of your hair but chops off tiny ends of your hair. a professional slides scissors through your hair to get this done. They can also twist your hair into sections and use a candle to burn the section  through to ensure the split ends are sealed (this method can also be done with scissors much safer lol!). This process should be done with great caution because a small slip could cause severe burns to your skin and hair.

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